How to Deal with Executives that Just Hate You (and Vice-Versa)

Executives come in many shapes and sizes. Some are arrogant, some are sneaky, some are self-serving, and some are loyal to the wrong people. And you may find yourself having to persuade all of these to get buy-in, support, or even to have your performance recognized or negotiate compensation. But there’s one specific type of […]

How to Deal with Aggressive/Dominant Executives

Out of the different types of executives you will find, dealing with very aggressive or dominant ones is very important. … especially because these are the type of people who blow up negotiations on a whim. When dealing with extremely assertive and dominant people, you need to be the “adult” in the room that calms […]

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Executives

Executive relations entail dealing with many profiles, and one of the most problematic are passive-aggressive people. These may be loyalists of old executives that have gone, or someone bitter over their compensation or car lease, or just someone cynical who prefers to poison the board and other executives instead of contributing. In this article, we […]

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People

We all have to deal with difficult people in the workplace. Either as a boss, an employee, as an executive dealing with other executives or boards, or in many other situations. And one of the biggest skillsets is dealing with passive-aggressive people. In short, dealing with people that never raise a problem to your face, […]