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I have what could be considered an unconventional background as a coach. I don’t come from psychology or medicine. In fact, I come from tech. I created two tech startups that reached million-dollar valuations, backed by the MIT-Portugal startup accelerator, afterwards becoming Intelligence Lead for it.

After years of coaching and mentoring startup founders on talent management, emotional management, influence and persuasion, among other topics, I started being requested by executives and investors, like venture capitalists, with more complex, large-scale problems.

After years of doing executive work, I started specializing in asset management. With the acquisition of four fund manager/CIO clients, I started adapting my performance and influence techniques for purposes such as talent management for PMs and analysts, fundraising from allocators, effective leading a team, and properly assessing talent for compensation/promotion/allocation increases.

Tools and Techniques

I bring a unique combination of Silicon Valley negotiation, influence and performance strategies from 10 years of interaction with giant names the “trillion-dollar coach” Bill Campbell. I support these with psychological, vocational and other coaching techniques to build a unique toolset.

Although optimizing psychological performance and/or influence and persuasion does not usually require vertical knowledge, I pride myself in possessing high contextual understanding of verticals and situations to help corporate, executive and asset management clients. From understanding supply chain essentials to support procurement executives, to understanding hedge fund strategies and asset allocation to support fund manager/portfolio manager clients, I pride myself in the hard work of acquiring knowledge to support coaching operations and serve clients better.

Coaching and Speaking

Throughout the years, I’ve come to support executives and asset managers mainly through the practice of coaching. Although in some select cases I have provided consultation with deliverables, I find the practice of helping a leader find the answers within them much more rewarding.

I also engage in speaking in select occasion – mainly for small conferences in the financial services industry or key executive events.

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    All i have to say to Vasco is - Thanks for making the pressure i needed to succeed. Being hold accountable and being able to access both your wisdom and coaching made it it all worthwhile.
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