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Asset Management in COVID-19 Times

With violent market whipsaws and opinions diverging by the day, it’s important for an asset manager to keep a level head and rethink their strategy

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Dealing with Rejection in Sales

The capacity to dealing with rejection in sales is one of the most important traits to possess. You will face many situations where you have

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Facing Brutal Facts

Some techniques to face harsh realities and brutal facts when you have slid into your comfort zone or are deluding yourself thinking things are easier now.

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Hedge Fund Research Best Practices

Discussion on hedge fund research strategies and techniques to maximize its utility and usability for building investment theses and executing.

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How To Motivate a Team

How to motivate a team as a leader or executive if you need to perform or have more output, including vocational and culture considerations.


How Top Executives Tackle Board Relations

Executives have different takes on executive and board relations, with different communication styles. There is no single way to do this, especially when dealing with


Kingmaker Influence

A set of core steps to establish influence over others in sales, negotiations, or other contexts by leveraging persuasion and influence components.

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Kingmaker Performance

A description of the Kingmaker Performance framework, touching on three different dimensions: expectation, acceptance and transcendance.

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Kingmaker Perseverance

Introducing the Kingmaker Perseverance framework, a three-dimensional framework to establish more resilience by focusing on identity, focus and contexts.

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