Book a Superior Coaching Conversation to sell, persuade, or fundraise in a better way.

I’m Vasco. I’ve been an executive  coach for 10+y for senior professionals and executives in Fortune 500 companies.

And one of the biggest challenges of even the most articulate professionals is persuading difficult people.

  • An executive that says, “Your strategy is wrong“;
  • A dominant shareholder that says, “You didn’t run this by me“;

In my coaching, I help seasoned executives and professionals improve communication and negotiation with unique, proprietary techniques.

Get to know them now.

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3 Steps to Improve Your Persuasion

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1. Book a Coaching Conversation

2. Enrol in Vasco's Coaching

3. Become a World-Class Communicator

What You Will Achieve

By working with me as your performance coach, the most frequent results my clients obtain are:

  • Uncovering and aligning with their core career and life drivers (specific preferences, ultimate goals, and specific ways of living, working, interacting);
  • Being able to constantly and immediately change their mental states and reframe perspectives, especially for negative events and conflicts;
  • Cultivating assertiveness and initiative, especially in the face of opposition by others;
  • Being able to properly define and work towards specific goals, both career and life ones;
  • Finding ways to properly create impact and leave a legacy, both in terms of work and life in general;

About Your Coach

Although I’m a coach (mostly focused on executives and other top performers), I don’t come from Psychology or Human Resources. I come from tech.

I’ve been a 3x MIT-backed startup founder, and then Intelligence Lead for the MIT-Portugal IEI startup accelerator. I went from tech entrepreneur, suffering from massive stress, burnout and identity issues to, later, a coach helping aspiring founders with these same issues.

Over time, I progressed from startup founders to other types of top performers, including C-Level executives, fund managers, athletes, luxury real estate agents and others.

Nowadays, I use my proprietary skills, tested in arenas such as Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, to persuade and negotiate like no other – and teach you how to do it as well

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Happy Client Testimonials

Vasco is the best coach I have worked with. [...] His knowledge of the top private finance professional environment helps you to make the right making decision process.
Manuel Arteaga
Authorized Director en Octogone Europe | Managing Partner EU & Latam en AV Group Ltd
Vasco's coaching toolbox is wide and deep [...] making the client experience a very interesting and rewarding journey. [...] His style is close-up, personal and quite empathetic. [...] In my experience, results came up fast and plenty.
Victor Zambrano BW
Victor Zambrano
Director, 3D Printing at Point of Care Delivery, Johnson & Johnson
[Vasco] is great to work with. He is super quick on his feet to understand the situation his client is in. The sessions with Vasco are intense and he makes you think about your company, your situation and yourself. This helps to clarify your thoughts and beliefs. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with him and I was able to take a lot out of the results for my personal development. Great coach! Great insights generated!
Vasco quickly blew my expectations out the window [...] A genuinely caring and passionate person who has helped to bring out the best in me. [...] Vasco always over delivers and you get more than what you pay for.
Debbie Emmanuel BW
Debbie Emmanuel
Managing Partner, Unicon Property Management UK
Working with Vasco was incredible. He not only helped us get many of our corporate processes efficient and running smoothly, he also was a key player assisting with hiring. We have an amazing efficient team due to our work with Vasco! Thanks so much.
Where to start? I got a lot of value from Vasco’s techniques. His coaching style is… unique. He’s kind of a crazy intense lunatic. But did he get me results? He did. A lot of them. His intensity comes from passion and caring, and not letting go until you achieve your goals.

He has helped me increase my productivity and destroy some negative beliefs. He put my productivity under the microscope and then ruthlessly made me eliminate what didn’t make sense… he helped me a lot. Thank you Vasco for everything you have done - it has been a long journey, but a great one
Aaron Johnstone
Business Owner
Vasco experience in Business really makes find out what is really holding you back on a personal level, his precise understanding of the human psyche, he has helped me locate my personal limiting beliefs, many times these limiting beliefs are hidden to yourself very hard to locate on your own, and they put a brake on your personal performance. The power of mind and the charisma you can generate when your cognitive blocks have been identified is phenomenal and life changing.
Andrew Terry Buttgieg
ADHD Cognitive Health Consultant
After a reasonable investment of time and capital in Vasco's coaching, the results were excellent. His methods were precise and he was very serious in maintaining accountability and forcing me to perform at my best, removing beliefs and excuses that were holding me back. Although I already considered myself excellent before the coaching, Vasco definitely helped make me elite, every day. Highly recommend him... Except for my competitors!

Who This Is For

You should consider booking a coaching conversation if:

  • You want to learn how to sell better;
  • You want to improve your persuasion and communication skills to progress in your career;
  • You want to be able to handle tough negotiations – both at work and at home;
  • You want to raise capital for a fund, startup or other ventures;
  • You want to learn how to better speak in public – or in 1-on-1 meetings;
  • You want to learn how to more effectively communicate (be it with employees, managers, executives, or any combination of these;