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Asset Management

Vasco is the best coach I have worked with. [...] His knowledge of the top private finance professional environment helps you to make the right making decision process.
Manuel Arteaga
Authorized Director en Octogone Europe | Managing Partner EU & Latam en AV Group Ltd
[Vasco] is great to work with. He is super quick on his feet to understand the situation his client is in. The sessions with Vasco are intense and he makes you think about your company, your situation and yourself. This helps to clarify your thoughts and beliefs. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with him and I was able to take a lot out of the results for my personal development. Great coach! Great insights generated!
In Vasco’s coaching, he really takes accountability to the next level. In my own experience, most people have what it takes to be successful, but they tend to get in their own way. They tell themselves negative stories or they get distracted doing things that feel more comfortable. Coming from running several start-ups of his own, Vasco knows what it takes to get the tough things accomplished, and his commitment to demand excellence from his clients is second to none. I can’t count the number of times he held me accountable to perform at my best when I would have otherwise taken the easy route. Ultimately your productivity and revenue goes way up when you take his coaching to heart!


Vasco's coaching toolbox is wide and deep [...] making the client experience a very interesting and rewarding journey. [...] His style is close-up, personal and quite empathetic. [...] In my experience, results came up fast and plenty.
Victor Zambrano BW
Victor Zambrano
Director, 3D Printing at Point of Care Delivery, Johnson & Johnson
As a coach, Vasco has been great. He helps me get clarity on important matters and forces me to think deeper about complex issues. He has helped me correct some biases and clarify my thoughts, which helped me reach important goals. He kept me accountable and, even in hard conversations, was polite and professional. Very interesting and effective coach. Therefore, personally, I am extremely grateful, but professionally speaking, a very enjoyable experience with a promising hit maker, especially in the field of personal business coaching, *(hint) and I hope that in the near future he will publish his achievements and methods in book form. All the Best. Juraj Fleiss
Vasco is one of those unique individuals that is careful with who he works. He doesn't work with anybody that isn't willing to stick to his word. Once Vasco spends more than 60 minutes with you he's hooked and absolutely committed to your results. He truly cares about you, like very few I've ever seen. Vasco goes the extra mile. He listens to you and spends more time with you to make sure you get it. He's one of those unique people who actually get results and will not accept anything less. Most importantly he is genuinely happy when you succeed. And will be your biggest supporter while being the best leader you've ever worked with at the same time. I also loved how I could challenge him. Show me your bank account, show me you're legit, show me your clients, let me talk to your clients. (Yes, I'm that kind of person, because I don't want to waste my time on the 99% of people who can't guarantee results.) You have to show up of course and do the work. But the way Vasco explained it was really clear, concise and made sense. And the great thing was that when I asked those questions. He smiled and showed me the proof and the rest is history. Vasco thank you for helping me when I needed your help. Highly recommend you to go to Vasco's profile right now, and send him a message. See if there's a connection and you'll thank me later when your bank account shows the proof.
Vasco is demanding in creating excellence in you from within. His commitment to excellence and accountability from his clients is outstanding. (...) As Vasco and I worked together I found clarity, in a few critical areas, coming forth from simply having a different set of beliefs. He talked me through what I later realised were mere excuses that I was putting out. His process actively improved my psychological mindset simply be being accountable to him on a weekly basis. Put together it has improved my mindfulness, ability to be present in the moment and improved me as a person. I’d strongly recommend anyone and any organisation, seeking to create growth in one-self and in business, to have a conversation with Vasco.
Vasco is a pretty interesting coach. His approach is different to others in the industry, but that's a good thing! He shines by being unstoppable in demanding accountability and informing you on best practices for anything ranging from dealing with employees to productivity and more. It’s a unique approach that brings results much faster. I would definitely recommend Vasco.
After a reasonable investment of time and capital in Vasco's coaching, the results were excellent. His methods were precise and he was very serious in maintaining accountability and forcing me to perform at my best, removing beliefs and excuses that were holding me back. Although I already considered myself excellent before the coaching, Vasco definitely helped make me elite, every day. Highly recommend him... Except for my competitors!
All i have to say to Vasco is - Thanks for making the pressure i needed to succeed. Being hold accountable and being able to access both your wisdom and coaching made it it all worthwhile.