Hedge Funds

My specialization in asset manager and hedge fund strategy coaching focuses on coaching leaders to help raise Assets Under Management from allocators while defining their hedge fund strategy, retain and grow top talent, balance the CEO and CIO roles, bring all of these together to reach institutional-quality operations, or other purposes.

Celebration - Probably after raising more AuM from allocators for a higher total of hedge fund assets!

Raising Assets from Allocators and Institutional Investor Relations

Helping fund managers articulate their value proposition to prospective allocators to guarantee asset commitments for AuM increases, aligning on key provisions like transparency and auditing requirements, but also prioritization and selection of investors based on current AuM and growth potential.

Retaining and Growing Top Pedigree Talent

Talent management in the financial services industry is not as simple as measuring performance. Analyzing things like contribution to idea generation and firm processes, collaboration between traders/PMs and analysts, client influence and others come into play.

This help in talent management helps not only retain and grow talent but identify the best candidates for compensation, promotion and allocation increases.

Balancing the CEO and CIO Roles

Doing job crafting to determine, from a vocational standpoint, what your strengths and weaknesses are, whether your strongest dimension is CEO or CIO, and how to accomplish both effectively, being an institutional-quality CIO/CEO.

[Vasco] is great to work with. He is super quick on his feet to understand the situation his client is in. The sessions with Vasco are intense and he makes you think about your company, your situation and yourself. This helps to clarify your thoughts and beliefs. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with him and I was able to take a lot out of the results for my personal development. Great coach! Great insights generated!

Under development with clients – check back soon!

Reports on properly raising capital from allocators, being an institutional-quality CIO/CEO, and a superior manager and developer of your talent.

The Superior Allocator Onboarder

Techniques for superior fund marketing to raise capital and onboard allocators in cap raises.

What are the preferred materials? How to accurately describe the investment process? How to align on key provisions like redemption periods, liquidity, transparency and reporting?

The Superior Financial Talent Manager

How do you retain and grow top PMs, traders, analysts? How do you know which PM to promote to manager of that newly raised fund, or which is ready for an allocation increase?

Superior CIO & CEO Execution

Most CIOs come from a financial background, with great financial expertise but possibly lacking in the management and leadership dimension.

How do you combine vision and execution, finance and operations, and steward a successful fund?

March 2020 COVID-19 Prevention Report: Remote Asset Management

An exclusive report on maintaining institutional-quality operations and performance while switching to remote operations.

Remote Asset Management Report Cover

Remote Asset Management

How do you maintain institutional-quality operations while switching to a remote environment? What are the challenges for you as a manager and individual traders/PMs? How do you maintain effective and constant communication?

Hedge Fund & Asset Management Interviews

Check some of our interviews with top hedge fund managers, asset managers, and in some cases portfolio managers, traders and analysts:

Agustin Lebron, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Essilen Research

Interview with Agustin Lebron, Managing Director, Essilen Research

“People emulate how their leaders think and act. If you seem never to change your mind, if you institute a hierarchical culture where people only speak up when they’re sure they’re right, those are the people you’re going to get. In a competitive undertaking like trading, the best ideas have many parents. The image of a lone genius sitting in a corner dreaming up profitable strats is, in 2020, just wrong. Leaders who participate as equals with their team reap the benefits of that collaborative culture”

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Dennis van der Veen

Interview with Dennis van der Veen, CEO & Founder, Hamster

“I’m a people person and I care about my team and the individual members. That means in good times and in bad times. I’m a strong believer of reciprocity. Give and take. I give individuals and teams a responsibility and trust. If they can handle that I’m easy on people if they can’t perform on their normal level because of circumstances.”

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In Vasco’s coaching, he really takes accountability to the next level. In my own experience, most people have what it takes to be successful, but they tend to get in their own way. They tell themselves negative stories or they get distracted doing things that feel more comfortable. Coming from running several start-ups of his own, Vasco knows what it takes to get the tough things accomplished, and his commitment to demand excellence from his clients is second to none. I can’t count the number of times he held me accountable to perform at my best when I would have otherwise taken the easy route. Ultimately your productivity and revenue goes way up when you take his coaching to heart!