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How to Lead a Team: Themes and Topics

Many leader and executives ask themselves how to properly lead a team, and proper leadership of a team can itself be broken down into multiple components. These include proper assessing yourself, optimizing your influence and communication, and other aspects. In detail, the steps usually are:

  1. Leadership Assessment;
  2. Leadership Influence and Persuasion;
  3. Communication and Conflict Resolution Optimization;
  4. Talent Management;

Let’s look at each of the following steps in detail:

Leadership Assessment

This component is about assessing yourself as a leader. What is your leadership style? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Leadership Influence and Persuasion

This component is about properly influencing your talent in order to request alignment or compliance with specific objectives, overcome resistance and more drive their behavior.

Communication and Conflict Resolution Optimization

This component consists of small communication and conflict resolution tools that you can use to leverage an already existing effective leadership style.

  • Discussing from First Principles;
  • Using the Disagree and Commit Framework;
  • Separating Task and Relationship Conflict;
  • Kim Scott’s Radical Candor;

Talent Management

This component is about the actual mechanics of talent management and its governance. Meetings, assessments, others.

Assessing talent vocational fit using frameworks like the RIASEC Assessment or the Career Anchors;+

For leaders working with an executive leadership coach, our post on Leveraging Executive Leadership Coaching might be worth a quick read.

Conclusion: Towards a Comprehensive View of How to Lead a Team

Leadership can be broken down into several components. By effectively tackling them, including influence, talent management, leadership assessment and communication optimizations, a leader can more effectively drive their team towards results and shared goals.

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