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Reenginering Executive Persuasion

There are executives that have zero impact, cannot lead, have disloyal teams como unsupportive executives and boards.

Then there are others that drive loyal, inspiring teams como influence anyone they want, achieving outstanding results and returns.

Os último são os meus clientes.

I help you manage your team, persuade boards and executives, redesign your career, close high-ticket sales (or raise institutional capital, in high finance), or any other situation that requires a tailoring of your persuasion capabilities.

My current availability is limited. But do let me know what your challenges are and consult with me.

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    Com Clientes Actuais e Passados De

    Vasco's coaching toolbox is wide and deep, and he uses it with swift expertise, making the client experience a very interesting and rewarding journey. His style is close-up, personal and quite empathetic. This makes for a very unique and insightful experience in each of his sessions. In my experience results came up fast and plenty - keeping you engaged in a fast-paced growth process.
    Vasco is the best coach I have worked with. He is giving me a great added value and I can get proven results for me and my company. He is always seeking for my best interest and leading me to find the best out of me. His knowledge on the top private finance professional environment helps you to make the right making decision process.

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