Vasco is the best coach I have worked with. [...] His knowledge of the top private finance professional environment helps you to make the right making decision process.
Manuel Arteaga
Authorized Director en Octogone Europe | Managing Partner EU & Latam en AV Group Ltd

Business and Executive Coaching Services

I provide three main services within business and executive coaching for prospective and existing leaders and C-Level executives:

Leadership Development

Your organisation might have you today, but it needs leaders for tomorrow. I help you assess and develop leaders for different teams, roles, verticals, ensuring your organisation will last tomorrow.

Talent Retention and Growth

I help you find your team's career anchors, motivators, needs and values, and not only retain them, but make them growth while performing at their best for you.

Succession Assessment and Planning

I help you select the correct person to fit a needed role, and to plan the person for that role. We assess leadership styles, team fit, plan change management and assure flawless onboarding of a new leader.

[Vasco] is great to work with. He is super quick on his feet to understand the situation his client is in. The sessions with Vasco are intense and he makes you think about your company, your situation and yourself. This helps to clarify your thoughts and beliefs. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with him and I was able to take a lot out of the results for my personal development. Great coach! Great insights generated!

My specialization in asset manager and hedge fund strategy coaching focuses on coaching leaders to help raise Assets Under Management from allocators while defining their hedge fund strategy, retain and grow top talent, balance the CEO and CIO roles, bring all of these together to reach institutional-quality operations, or other purposes.

Celebration - Probably after raising more AuM from allocators for a higher total of hedge fund assets!

Raising Assets from Allocators and Institutional Investor Relations

Helping fund managers articulate their value proposition to prospective allocators to guarantee asset commitments for AuM increases, aligning on key provisions like transparency and auditing requirements, but also prioritization and selection of investors based on current AuM and growth potential.

Retaining and Growing Top Pedigree Talent

Talent management in the financial services industry is not as simple as measuring performance. Analyzing things like contribution to idea generation and firm processes, collaboration between traders/PMs and analysts, client influence and others come into play.

This help in talent management helps not only retain and grow talent but identify the best candidates for compensation, promotion and allocation increases.

Balancing the CEO and CIO Roles

Doing job crafting to determine, from a vocational standpoint, what your strengths and weaknesses are, whether your strongest dimension is CEO or CIO, and how to accomplish both effectively, being an institutional-quality CIO/CEO.

Areas of Non-Focus

In terms of asset management and hedge funds, it’s as important to define the services I do NOT provide.

Focusing only on influence and persuasion for 1) prospects 2) clients 3) employees and performance as an asset manager/CIO, the following are areas that I do not focus on (I do NOT provide any coaching or consulting service in these areas):

❌ Legal, compliance, auditing and/or reporting services;

❌ Third-party marketing of funds, investor relations and/or capital introduction services (while influence coaching can include helping managers market their funds, I do not provide marketing services for funds);

❌ Fund administration, operations and/or governance services;

❌ Financial instrument selection and analysis services;

In Vasco’s coaching, he really takes accountability to the next level. In my own experience, most people have what it takes to be successful, but they tend to get in their own way. They tell themselves negative stories or they get distracted doing things that feel more comfortable. Coming from running several start-ups of his own, Vasco knows what it takes to get the tough things accomplished, and his commitment to demand excellence from his clients is second to none. I can’t count the number of times he held me accountable to perform at my best when I would have otherwise taken the easy route. Ultimately your productivity and revenue goes way up when you take his coaching to heart!