Interview with Agustin Lebron, Managing Director, Essilen Research

“People emulate how their leaders think and act. If you seem never to change your mind, if you institute a hierarchical culture where people only speak up when they’re sure they’re right, those are the people you’re going to get. In a competitive undertaking like trading, the best ideas have many parents. The image of a lone genius sitting in a corner dreaming up profitable strats is, in 2020, just wrong. Leaders who participate as equals with their team reap the benefits of that collaborative culture”

How Asset Managers Cultivate Behavioral Institutionalization

The concept of “behavioral institutionalization” and what it means for different asset management professionals.

Hedge Fund Career Development Roadmap and Progression

From young analysts to traders and PMs, or more senior fund managers and/or CEOs/CIOs, finance professionals seek growth at different stages of their careers in asset management. Hedge fund career development starts with taking stock of the expected asset management career path, but also the required specialized skills in order to proceed at each stage […]

Interview with Dr. Walter Tonetto, Founder and CEO, Nusantara Trust

“Burnout should be staved off if at all possible. It’s better to take frequent breaks and be productive than to burn the candle at both ends. Different individuals will desiderate different remedies, so being sensitive to individual needs (without getting burdened by micromanagement) is always to the fore”

Interview with Russell Covarrubia, Managing Partner, Covarrubia and Company

“Most businesses we purchase have a succession CEO in place who’s a professional CEO but has a tremendous amount of loyalty to the business and we typically require the exiting parties to stay in 10% to 25% so that loyalty is carried over”.

Interview with Dennis van der Veen, CEO & Founder, Hamster

“I’m a people person and I care about my team and the individual members. That means in good times and in bad times. I’m a strong believer of reciprocity. Give and take. I give individuals and teams a responsibility and trust. If they can handle that I’m easy on people if they can’t perform on their normal level because of circumstances.”

Interview with George Georgopoulos, Hedge Fund Manager, Silverstone Investments LP

“A coach should be a player to get in the mentality of its players otherwise the game is lost before it begins. The basic approach should be first being a player to handle the different and diverse strategies they may apply to different trade levels.”