Ultimate Persuasion Psychology

Learn state-of-the-art persuasion techniques. Applied to all four major use cases (Sales. Fundraising. Executive negotiations. Personal life)

10 hours of on-demand video.
58 state-of-the-art techniques.
1 decision.

[Vasco] is great to work with. He is super quick on his feet to understand the situation his client is in. The sessions with Vasco are intense and he makes you think about your company, your situation and yourself. This helps to clarify your thoughts and beliefs. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with him and I was able to take a lot out of the results for my personal development. Great coach! Great insights generated!

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Soft Skills

Ultimate Social Skills for Executive Presence

How to establish gravitas and presence as an executive, and the soft skills that support these components.

Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Skills

Skills to effectively solve conflicts with different types of stakeholders and prevent further escalations.

In Vasco’s coaching, he really takes accountability to the next level. In my own experience, most people have what it takes to be successful, but they tend to get in their own way. They tell themselves negative stories or they get distracted doing things that feel more comfortable. Coming from running several start-ups of his own, Vasco knows what it takes to get the tough things accomplished, and his commitment to demand excellence from his clients is second to none. I can’t count the number of times he held me accountable to perform at my best when I would have otherwise taken the easy route. Ultimately your productivity and revenue goes way up when you take his coaching to heart!