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This wiki presents support information for all the 58 techniques in the Ultimate Persuasion Psychology framework.

There are five main stages in the Ultimate Persuasion Psychology framework:

Pre-Framing is the stage where you set your positioning, your branding. Coming from the “right place”.

Priming is where you qualify the other person or make them put in effort. You warm them up to be influenced.

Interaction is where you persuade person-to-person. Empathy, rapport, likability, and others.

Disarmament is where you identify and crush objections.

Closing is, well, closing. Providing some final incentives to convince the other side.

Persuasion Stages

The five stages of persuasion

The top five most useful techniques across different scenarios are:

1. The Diagnostic

  • (Determine the person’s needs so you can use these to persuade)

2. “UP” Answers

  • (The optimised way to provide logical answers, leveraging Uncertainty and the Potential)

3. Implementation Intention

  • (Forcing a person to visualize how to do something makes them more likely to do it)

4. The Influence Archetypes

  • (Each person is usually 1 of 4 types, with specific goals and language. Use them to persuade more)

5. Option Set Change

  • (Changing what you compare yourself to changes your apparent value)

The Top 5

The five most used persuasion techniques across different scenarios

All 58 Techniques

All 58 techniques mentioned in the framework:

The Ultimate Persuasion Psychology framework is based on 58 different techniques:

Miscellaneous concepts that are also important include:

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