Displayed Authority

Displayed authority is any vehicle that communicates your authority that is not you. Third-party objects or people, for example. Due to the fact that you are not making your own claims, but something else is, this gives the (wrong) appearance of being unbiased.

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

When someone communicates their own authority, they risk sounding biased. They may be exaggerated or lying. But when someone else (or an object) communicates the original person’s authority, they sound unbiased and fair (regardless of whether this is true or not). These sources are seen as more legitimate.

You leverage displayed authority by having objects or people communicating your authority instead of doing it yourself.


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The white lab coat

This is such a powerful symbol in terms of the theater created in a doctor’s appointment that many other service providers appropriate it (alternative medicine healers, “healthy store” clerks, etc)

"Atomic", "Quantum"

There are several products that include “Atomic”, “Quantum”, “Exponential” or others in their names to make them seem more sophisticated and with more authority

High status

Some people have displayed authority just by acting high status. This is why assholes get so many second chances. If you just act assertive, with authority, and pressure others with your presence, others will assume you have authority

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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