Framing works by defining the person’s point of view in regards to something. By changing the framing of something, you change its apparent value. It’s something that can be used for branding, to stand out from the crowd, or many other similar uses.

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

Framing works by changing what is highlighted about something. It works as a filter that only lets the person see what you want them to.

This can be used to attribute higher or lower value to different things.

Pre-Framing consists of defining your positioning before any interaction, and is further explored in at the Pre-Framing stage.

At any point, you can still reframe yourself or your value proposition to change its perceived value.


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"I'm being framed"

When someone states “I’m being framed”, it’s this at work. Someone has changed the evidence or facts to make it seem as if this person is guilty. They changed the frame

Reframing in personal development

Whenever a coach – or a personal friend – tells you to “reframe” something, they are asking you to change the frame of reference. Is that person really aggressive, or was this just a coincidence? Is losing this job a bad thing, or a new opportunity?

The "hairy arm" technique

A technique where you introduce a major flaw in something and fix it so people don’t look for other ones. Comes from an advertiser that would include a part of his “hairy arm” in an advertisement, so the client would immediately ask for that fixed, and not focus on any mistakes after that;

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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How to Stack This Technique