Priming someone based on initiative simply means making the person do something to become closer to you (or your offering). This will make them like it more just because they took action.

  • The more the person invests in taking that action, the more qualified they will be;

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

This works due to the principle of consistency. Because the person is taking action towards something, they will stay consistent with that image and keep investing more into that thing – attention, effort, or actual money.

You leverage this technique by requesting or forcing the other person to put initiative into you (or your product or service) in any way.


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Contests and sweepstakes

Participating in events, competitions or sweepstakes make you value a thing more, because you’re both putting in action but also competing for something

The IKEA effect

People liking furniture more just because they’re the one assembling it

Adopting animals

Not the direct kind – adopting a protected species by naming one specimen. This usually doesn’t involve money itself – it may – but the bigger effect is the one of you putting in the effort to name an animal, which will keep you investing more and more

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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How to Stack This Technique