Limited Access

Limited access is simply the act of limiting the availability of something (a product, service, candidate, or any other value proposition). It triggers scarcity in the people seeking it and makes them more influenceable.

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

Limited access leverages:

  • Scarcity (when something exists in less quantity, it’s considered more special);
  • Authority and specialization (if you can’t fulfil everyone’s demands, it passes the image you’re selective and a specialist);
  • Removing licenses (the person has a set of behaviors they allow themselves to do – licenses. “I can buy later”, “I can do this later”. These are removed, which is a type of removing exits);

You use limited access by defining limits to what you will accept (real or fabricated). You can define these limits in terms of the potential access to a product or service, or even yourself as a person.


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Product and service sales

Using claims such as "There are only 20 seats left" or "Only available until this Friday"

"I only have time for X"

Saying things such as "I only have time for 3 meetings today" or "I can only manage 4 people"

"I only work with X people"

Making claims such as "I only work with committed clients" or "I will only work for a company that will promote me fast"

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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How to Stack This Technique