Manipulating Emotion

When objections are emotional, there are usually two key techniques you can use to defuse and disarm those emotions before going in for the kill:

  • Removing a person’s negative emotions
    • Usually done using empathy (the “empathetic ramp-down”);
  • Building more desire in the person
    • Usually done through the hero’s journey format previously explored;

These two techniques usually work very well for the two emotional influence archetypes (the Passionate and Nurturer).

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

These techniques work because emotion is usually the main driver behind objections (and it’s usually due to lack of certainty or trust). Therefore, if you can properly deal with the person’s emotions, the objection will be gone.

Simply use empathy to remove negative emotions and/or build up desire to create positive emotions in the person.


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Customer support

CS representatives are excellent at calming down angry or sad customers, and parrying their objections by taking away the emotion first, and then coming from logical facts

Strategy sessions

Strategy sessions are “consulting calls” where an expert does not add value to the possible client, but actually

Comforting someone

When someone is in a very negative state, for example a friend, chances are that you will be comforting and supporting them, using empathy and showing understanding, just to bring them to the realm of logic

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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