Mood and Physiology

There are multiple techniques that can prime a person using their mood and physiology. There are three usual manifestations:

  • Changing their physiology
    • The person can be more easily persuaded when tired, distracted and/or caffeinated;
  • Changing their mood
    • Showing them a specific mood places them in that mood as well;
    • E.g., showing someone investing in themselves before asking the person to do so themselves;
  • Changing their expectations
    • If the persons expects something, they will accept it more easily;

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

For each specific group:

  • Changing their physiology works due to cognitive or willpower processes:
    • Being tired erodes your willpower, making you more vulnerable;
    • Being distracted completely bypasses your critical thinking, leaving you right open;
    • Being caffeinated places your brain on overdrive, eager to process logical facts and be convinced by them;
  • Changing your mood works due to mirror neurons:
    • When you see someone in a certain state, you will feel it as well to a point (in general);
    • This will make you be in that mood, which can be used against you in persuasion;
  • Changing your expectations works due to the principle of suggestion:
    • The more that something is suggested, and the more you believe in it, the more you will accept it later;

You use this technique by either priming the person to be in a favorable mood or by leveraging their current physiology to persuade them more easily.


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4-hour meetings

If a meeting is very long, you will want to relent at the end, and give the other side some space. This is actually the best time to press. If the person is caffeinated and the ask is logical, this is even more important

Bait and switch

Distractions are a great way to disorient the person. Saying something like talking about ice cream flavors or mentioning your price in pennies instead of dollars will make the person lose track, and then you can slip something by them

Coffee plans

If your ask is logical, don’t discount the value of coffee. Set up a talk for during a coffee break or after lunch

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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How to Stack This Technique