Personal Touch

Using a personal touch persuades by showing the person you put more effort into something than you should have. In a way, it’s the opposite of the low-touch, cold approach of being abundant, but it works as long as the person doesn’t convey neediness.

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

Personal touch works because you are putting in effort or attention that you didn’t need to. This almost counts as giving by itself.

You leverage personal touch by simply putting in more effort and attention that you needed to.


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Signed newsletters

Due to the impersonal nature of email marketing, many people (me included) include a signature (and possibly picture) at the bottom of the email. It makes it more personal


Algorithms that offer “tailored recommendations” make you feel the recommendation is more personal

Exceptions to systems

When someone tells you, “You don’t have to apply like the others, just call me”, that is very powerful as a personal touch technique

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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How to Stack This Technique