Return Timing

The return timing of a favor is important to take into account in terms of reciprocity, because it defines how much someone else values a favor or gift from you with time.

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

This is a type of memory editing bias. With time, we start to forget about elements of certain people, or like them less, and due to that, by association, we also value less favors they’ve done. Due to ego, with time, we also value more favors we’ve done for others.

You leverage this technique by not letting the effect of time affect the favors you’ve done or the ones done to you.


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"It wasn't that good"

Let’s say you start liking old friends less due to falling out, so you start underestimating what they have done for you over time

"It wasn't that important"

Because you don’t remember a favor that someone did for you back in the day, you start considering it must not be that important, or you would remember

"Anyone could do it"

If you start disliking someone, you start to believe that anyone could have done what they have done for you, because you just want to like them less

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

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