Rigidity is a priming technique that consists of forcing the person do things a certain way. It. can include:

  • Forcing a person to apply using a form;
  • Forcing a person to book using your calendar;
  • Forcing a person to submit a document according to specific guidelines;

The Persuasion Psychology Behind the Technique

Rigidity works due to two main reasons:

  • The first is breaking the person. When someone has to accept how you do things, they are instantly more qualified. They obey, in a way;
  • The second is the increased complexity of the process. Research shows that making a progress more complex makes less people start it, but out of the ones that do start it, more will finish;

You can leverage rigidity by simply being more rigid in your processes or personal demands.


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Customer support

They are very rigid. You must search for articles first, attest that none of them fixed your issue, submit a ticket, pick from a pre-chosen list of topics… and probably receive a pre-formatted reply

Application systems

For universities, consultants, government processes, etc; You must submit the documents in a specific form and be compared to other people;

"I have to reschedule"

A great example of unexpected rigidity. Some people will be angry and leave. But those that are not will tolerate you, and be even more qualified

Use Cases For the Four Quadrants

Key Takeaways
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