Ultimate Influence Wiki

This wiki focuses on the Ultimate Influence framework, and all of its different stages and included techniques.

Ultimate influence is a full-stack persuasion framework. The goal is to be able to persuade since the beginning, with your framing and positioning, all the way through priming and qualifying targets, connecting with them, disarming objections, to finally closing the person.

It’s an open influence framework. In short, there are no secretive or trademarked techniques. The goal is to use public, existing persuasion principles – although with specific implementations, in many cases.

Contents include:

The Five Stages

The Five Stages of Ultimate Influence:

All 58 Techniques

Ultimate Persuasion Products

Other Resources (Coming Soon)

  • Persuasion Stacks
  • Strategic Inversions
  • Opposite Techniques
  • Protecting Yourself

Other Relevant Persuasion Principles