Availability Bias

Availability bias is a bias that dictates that we tend to choose options or people that are closer or more available to us than others that are less available, even if the latter are better. In short, if you have a mediocre friend close by, and a quality friend far away, you will tend to strengthen the […]

Loss Aversion

Loss aversion is a cognitive bias that dictates that, when we fear losing something, our behavior changes. Usually, we become more conservative and defensive, just so that we don’t have to accept a loss, or at least acknowledge it.

Memory Editing

Memory editing is a type of bias that dictates that we change our memories, after the fact, to reinforce what we want to feel or believe.

Naming and Labeling Fallacies

There are multiple types of naming and labeling fallacies that can change the apparent value of something just by manipulating its name or the labels used to describe it. Namely: The absence or presence of names; “Russel conjugations” (coined by the EDGE Foundation team); Using scientific terms; Underlying Psychology/Biases TBD. Sub-Techniques Absence or presence of names Including or […]