Persuading with… No Results Masterclass

When you are pitching, presenting or otherwise convincing someone, ideally you have results. Your product is proven, your project achieved good outcomes, or similar. … but there are situations where you may have no results. (Oops) Either it’s too soon to measure them, or someone else caused results to be bad, or the unthinkable happened, […]

Secret, Superior Sales Technique Masterclass

If you’ve ever tried to sell something, you may know there are countless techniques to do it. Some rely on emotion, some rely on getting the person to collaborate, some rely on leading with benefits, and some are a mixture of these – and more. In this post, however, I want to cover something different: […]

The 10 Persuasion/Manipulation Categories Masterclass

Persuasion – and its dark version, manipulation – come in several sorts. You can use emotion, you can embellish facts, you can create trust, you can tell a good story, or use one of many other techniques. I define 10 main categories of persuasion and manipulation. Each of these categories contains a group of related, […]

The Basics Of Sales, Marketing, Speaking, Negotiating… and Everything Persuasion Masterclass

Regardless of what use case you have in terms of persuasion, it’s always important to start with the basics. If you already know them, you can review them, and if you’re an absolute beginner, you get a stable foundation to work with. In this article, we are going to cover the basic principles and techniques […]

The Inner Game of Persuasion Masterclass

When trying to sell, communicate, negotiate, or persuade in any other form, you won’t be surprised to know that what goes on inside your head matters as much as the external techniques you use. Being focused on teaching and applying the techniques with several clients, and in my courses, I’ve been getting some demand for […]

How to Deal with Executives that Just Hate You (and Vice-Versa)

Executives come in many shapes and sizes. Some are arrogant, some are sneaky, some are self-serving, and some are loyal to the wrong people. And you may find yourself having to persuade all of these to get buy-in, support, or even to have your performance recognized or negotiate compensation. But there’s one specific type of […]

How to Deal with Aggressive/Dominant Executives

Out of the different types of executives you will find, dealing with very aggressive or dominant ones is very important. … especially because these are the type of people who blow up negotiations on a whim. When dealing with extremely assertive and dominant people, you need to be the “adult” in the room that calms […]

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Executives

Executive relations entail dealing with many profiles, and one of the most problematic are passive-aggressive people. These may be loyalists of old executives that have gone, or someone bitter over their compensation or car lease, or just someone cynical who prefers to poison the board and other executives instead of contributing. In this article, we […]

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People

We all have to deal with difficult people in the workplace. Either as a boss, an employee, as an executive dealing with other executives or boards, or in many other situations. And one of the biggest skillsets is dealing with passive-aggressive people. In short, dealing with people that never raise a problem to your face, […]

Interview with Agustin Lebron, Managing Director, Essilen Research

“People emulate how their leaders think and act. If you seem never to change your mind, if you institute a hierarchical culture where people only speak up when they’re sure they’re right, those are the people you’re going to get. In a competitive undertaking like trading, the best ideas have many parents. The image of a lone genius sitting in a corner dreaming up profitable strats is, in 2020, just wrong. Leaders who participate as equals with their team reap the benefits of that collaborative culture”

Atul Gawande’s Checklists

In his book The Checklist Manifesto, known surgeon and author Atul Gawande defends the use of checklists to reduce failure and increase consistency in any kind of task. The ideas in the book are extremely simple but equally useful. There are two main points in the book: Checklists hedge against failure; Checklists help increase the […]

How Talent Managers Apply The TAGG Model

A short description of the TAGG model for talent management (Teamwork, Assessment, Growth, Governance) and its components.

Top Real Estate Agent Behaviors for Converting FSBOs Into Listings

A short overview of how top real estate agents convert FSBOs into listings, from preparations and lead generation to influence and persuasion to close.

Dealing with Rejection in Sales

The capacity to dealing with rejection in sales is one of the most important traits to possess. You will face many situations where you have to keep insisting and persisting when you’ve received a “no” – one or several times. There are several techniques that can help overcoming objections, both in the long-term and short-term: […]

How Clients Leverage High Performance Coaches

How executives and other professionals leverage high performance coaching in order to remove biases, optimize their psychology and perform at their best.

How to Lead a Team: Themes and Topics

The fundamentals of how to lead a team, including leadership assessments, influence and persuasion and some talent management.

How To Motivate a Team

How to motivate a team as a leader or executive if you need to perform or have more output, including vocational and culture considerations.

How Leaders Leverage Cultural Cascading

How executives and clients I coach leverage my Cultural Cascading framework to tune culture and values for their teams and align better.

How Executives Use the Four Influence Archetypes

How executives use the Four Perceived Personalities framework to gain support from other executives and their boards, and manage people.

Transference and Emotion Displacement Analysis

A short analysis of transference and emotion displacement (namely anger displacement) in professional contexts, leading teams and interacting with others.

How Top Executives Leverage Executive Leadership Coaching

Guidelines on how top C-Level executives leverage executive leadership coaching and its benefits to become better leaders.

How Top Executives Tackle Board Relations

Executives have different takes on executive and board relations, with different communication styles. There is no single way to do this, especially when dealing with a large number of other executives or board members, but there are both some guidelines and techniques that can help. In terms of getting support for your activity/proposal, there are […]

Interview with Sebastian Poetzsch, MD, Praetorius Capital, COO, PATENTPOOL

“We usually take over the operational management when implementing our projects. In this way, a clear allocation of tasks is always ensured: Our experts take on all business functions so that the innovators can concentrate exclusively on the technical development”

How Fund Managers Effectively Raise Capital (The ALPHATALKS Model)

A summary of the fundamentals that fund manager/fund marketing specialists use to raise capital from allocators, namely institutional investors.